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It's opening night, but do you remember your lines?

Created for the 2018 GMTK Game Jam. The theme was to create a game that lacks a typical mechanic of its genre. Visual novels typically give you clear goals and let you take your time. I wondered what it would be like to play a visual novel that puts pressure on the player to make decisions quickly and with few context clues about the "correct" choice. While the idea of timed decision making is not wholly original (see the typical Telltale game), I hadn't see this mechanic in more traditional visual novels. It is very rushed, but I hope you gleam some entertainment out of this game.

Known Issues:

Version 0.1 - Waiting too long in Act One during the line about milk will take you to a story path that may crash your game.

Install instructions

Windows only.


WhatsMyLine-0.1-pc.zip 29 MB

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